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Imagine this large room with a single pillar right in the middle of it. It would be like seeing a sheet of paper balanced on a toothpick. There are no proportions but there is an element of discontinuity. With this project we wanted to underline this sense of discontinuity in a positive and functional way.

By attaching to the pillar this double-sided thermo fireplace, which has these two glass doors on either side of it, we managed to balance out the original existing vertical effect and create a division in this large room thereby creating two spaces which could be used for different functions.

The fireplace is based on this metal-brushed plate, which expands out into a semi-circle in order to protect the parquet floor, which inevitably needs to be protected and kept at a certain distance from any source of heat.  The same metal surface then reaches up and contours around the edges of the two fireplace doors in a way that recalls the principal used to build the staircase in the background that is made out of the same material.

The solution found for the air-vent, which is not to be left out and which is necessary for the correct functioning of the thermal fireplace, in fact perfectly complements the entire effect we wanted to create.

Siena, 2003
Committente privato