Considering the sensitive relationship between man and the environment, after having graduated in architecture, I specialised focusing on environmental sustainability and focused on the rational use of resources, energy saving and on the integration between man, architecture and land. My role is to identify the goals that emerge during the preliminary stages, which prepare and are necessary for a mutual understanding and for outlining the strategies which need to be adopted.


After school, I was immediately started working in order to get experience, which I acquired over several years in many different areas. I approach complex issues with much care and precision. My duties mainly concern the practical and operational aspects of the job, which are mainly to do with the topographical, cadastral, and safety aspects of the job.


Studio Prospettiva is an on-going project with many ideas for the future. The very first steps were in fact initiated in 2000. During these years the project benefitted from much training and work experience via the collaboration with other professionals. Now in 2014, the project is flourishing. Why Studio Prospettiva? We chose the name "Studio Prospettiva" because in Italian the term "prospectiva" engulfs both the concept of perspective (the graphical technique for architectural representation by creating an image from space and projecting it on the flat) and that of our future prospects which deliver a glimpse on the World.


Studio Prospettiva not only deals with the urban and architectural planning, the designing of interior spaces and furnishings but also with, the land surveys and registers, the safety on site, the property evaluations and feasibility studies. We believe that our architectural projects are complex and therefore require a comprehensive and mutual approach for which its success can only be attributed to a number of factors without underestimating the difficulty in maintaining and coordinating a smooth relationship and communication with the various different professionals involved in a project. This is the aspect we take care of: Studio Prospettiva is able to offer all the assistance necessary to bring about your project.


We create environments where people can feel happy and at ease. The structural rules and constraints are no obstacle to the realization of your ideas and act as an exciting challenge we overcome. One can do everything: obtain and create: in any situation we can find the best solution. Studio Prospettiva offers its experience, skills, knowledge and expertise, and provides continuous assistance to complete your project, which before even being an architectural project is in fact a lifetime project which could be for either work, social or personal needs.

"(...) To a large extent our identity is inextricably linked to the places where we live and it adapts to them. (...) The belief in the importance of architecture is based on the idea that we are all, for better or worse, different people living in different places and that it is the responsibility of architecture is to give us a vivid image of what we could ideally be. "